Local Barre@Hoboken



Barre core fitness has become rather popular over the past few years and with good reason. Its fantastic workout and core conditioning leaves you feeling light and happy at the end of 60 minutes. I’ve been going to Local Barre in Hoboken on and off for about 2 years now. Since I started, they’ve opened a new location in Hoboken west in addition to the uptown and downtown locations. I love the downtown location coz it’s just by the train station and so convenient to get there without a car. The ‘barre-tenders’ as the instructors are nicknamed guide you through their version of ballet-pilates inspired exercise in a lovely 1920’s inspired studio with heart thumping music.

Whenever I exercise at the gym, I’m always injuring myself akin to Mr.Bean without his hilarious facial expressions or I’m inflaming old injuries so barre was perfect for me to develop a strong core. Most barre centers have more than one type of class be it high intensity interval training or yoga fusion. If you want to shake up your workout regime or just want to try out a fun fitness class do give Barre a whirl.









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