Dear Fall

Dear Fall,

I know you’re around the corner and I’ve caught glimpses of you over the past few days but I wanted to officially welcome you to 2014. You are beautiful with your scarlet and yellow hue and you make scarecrows look cool. All my favorite pumpkin dishes make dessert decidedly more interesting!

You also make clothes fashionable with your Fall collection and you cater to both the fashionistas as well as the lazier ones who would gladly dress up an outfit with  different scarves or a brightly colored cardigan while wearing their old comfy jeans.



If I had any complaints at all, it is that you sometimes get into one of your icy moods and I’m totally unprepared for it. Other times you bawl your eyes out and I’m drenched. And I have 18 umbrellas at home. But aside from that, I’m a fan!

In closing, my only request to you is to stay a while and let the Ice Maiden take her own time to visit.




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