My best friend G is a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan and wanted me to go with her to his concert in New Jersey last weekend. I hemmed and hawed a bit coz although I’m a fan it is nothing in comparison to G’s excitement. She is a tad obsessed if you ask me. But she didn’t ask me, so it was all decided and we bought tickets for us and two other friends. The show was on Sat, Sep 20th and we reached the IZOD center at 7:30pm for the show. The place was jam packed and all the women there had the same idea- they were in their dazzling best to impress the stars.

I noticed that the audience seemed more focused on taking selfies, pictures and videos of the actors than actually enjoying the show. Here’s a pic of the twinkling lights of iPhones and Samsungs and any other phone that I do not know of.  It looks like a planetarium !



The crowd was all pumped up and cheered as Vivaan Shah performed the opening dance to the concert’s title song. Deepika Padukone made an etheral entry onto the stage perched on a papasan like swing high above the stage looking absolutely ravishing. Abhishek Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan made grand entrances through the crowd and engaged the audience with their dance performances. Abhishek’s stage presence was unbelievable and he looked amazing! The crowd screamed wildly whenever Shah Rukh was on stage. Now the section where my gang was sitting was relatively less crowded and the audience was a bit subdued and didn’t really make too much noise. In fact, our entire section seemed rather into eating hot dogs and taking their own pictures.The opposite side on the other hand was quite rowdy and cheered the on the actors. Of course all the performers focused on interacting with the more fun side from then on! They kept encouraging us to “Make more noise New Jersey!”

IMG-20140926-WA0001 DSCN3832-2 DSCN0018 DSCN3817

The 3 hour show was entertaining with dance performances from Malaika Arora Khan ( those legs! ), Farah Khan (a bit loud!), Boman Irani (a laugh riot), Sonu Sood (those chiseled abs!), Yo Yo Honey Singh (who? oh the one who sang lungi dance) but the highlight for me was when Shah Rukh took some time to interact with the audience and called an Indian couple presumably born and brought up in the US to the stage. I presume that, because they weren’t in awe of Shah Rukh as the average India fan would be, who probably spent several hours watching reruns of Shah Rukh movies on TV. Anywho, Shah Rukh was giving away a Harley that he drove onto the stage for the song Dhoom Machale. All the couple had to do was answer a few simple questions such as which movie featured the song “Main Hoon Na”. He was greeted by blank faces. Shah Rukh couldn’t believe that this couple who claimed to be his fans and paid quite a bit for the tickets (they were way way close to the stage) had no idea about his movie especially when the song and the title were the same name! They seemed a bit baffled when he asked if they saw his latest movie Chennai Express. Finally he said he will hand over the bike to them if they answer which movie had the song “Baadshah Oh Baadshah!” Not shockingly, they did not know the answer to that either. The crowd and Shah Rukh had fun teasing them and I did feel a little embarrassed and sorry for them. Finally, Shah Rukh supplied the answer to the couple by singing the song Baadshah over and over again and declared them the owners of the brand new Harley. Even though I was sitting quite some distance away, I could tell the couple had gone a deep pink from their 15 mins of fame or probably embarrassment.

I was happy I finally got to go to an Indian musical show as I had never gone for one before and it was a really fun experience.

This is the gang who went to SLAM!

Me, G, Bhakti and Meghna

Me, G, Bhakti and Meghna



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