Central Perk


Central Perk


OH…MY…GOD ! Yep, that’s Central Perk Cafe alright! This is my tenth post and I thought I’ll write about the 20 year anniversary of  the debut of FRIENDS. To commemorate the anniversary, Warner Bros partnered up with Eight O’Clock Coffee company and set up a pop up cafe with a complete replica of the FRIENDS coffeehouse where the six famous friends shared their highs and lows through humor, on a pumpkin colored sofa. I grew up with this sitcom and am a total FRIENDS junkie and know all the dialogues for most of the episodes by heart. The show is still relevant (save for a few points like those massive things they call cellphones 🙂 )and continues to have a huge fan base as you will see below.

Whenever I watch the reruns, I get very nostalgic. I cherish all those years when I was finishing school and entering college, where life was easy  and the only thing I had to worry about was where to meet my friends for coffee.

So this past Saturday, G and I decided to check out the cafe and take some pictures. When we got there, there being Lafayette street in downtown New York we found that people were lined up outside the cafe in a snake like zig that spanned about 3-4 streets. Apparently, people were waiting outside the cafe from about 8am waiting for the doors to open at 10am. We got there around 10:30am. This is what we saw.


Very few things are worth waiting in line for three hours and this is certainly not one of them but it is New York and this is what people here do! Call us crazy but New Yorkers (me an honorary one) will stand in line for anything and everything! Whether it is waiting in line for Grimaldi’s Pizza, Shake Shack burgers, Cronuts or Max Brenner desserts! Ok, I guess I see a food pattern. But hey, we like our food, ok?

So while we were waiting in line, I popped in to a pizzeria and grabbed slices of margherita pesto pizza for us. While devouring them, we got talking with the people in the line in front of us. They had traveled by bus for 2 hours to get to New York just  to visit Central Perk! Finally we got in at 1:30pm. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. That we were insane to wait so long. But after we had waited for an hour an a half we didn’t want to give up. Once we got in, we spent exactly 10 mins inside to see all the memorabilia which included Joey’s hideous dog,the cast’s wardrobe and Phoebe’s guitar. En route to the main attraction  aka the pumpkin colored sofa was free coffee. The famous sofa where it all began. We were allowed to sit on the sofa for a quick minute while one of the staff took pictures of us minus our hot coffee and called out “Next!” And that was that really!


Cast's Wardrobe

The Cast’s Wardrobe


Joey's dog, The Geller trophy and Science Boy

Joey’s dog, The Geller trophy and Science Boy

Was it worth it? Well if Matthew Perry was there, probably. Since the cafe is only open for a month to celebrate the anniversary, the crowd was insane but maybe if it was open longer,the lines wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe.

The only thing I truly missed was hearing a rendition of Smelly Cat!

The rest of the day we spent in pleasant retail therapy so all in all a fun Saturday.



2 thoughts on “Central Perk

  1. Waooo 3 hrs wait!!!
    It must be nice to sit on the famous couch. I am a big fan and by reading your post, felt as if I was part of that experience too. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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