17 Thoughts on Shaking up and Simplifying your Life


Hello peeps! The weekend is finally here!

I put together a bunch of ideas that I’ve been making a conscious effort to follow in the hopes of de-cluttering my emotional space and I wanted to share them with you……

1. Take a class whether it is painting, cooking, knitting or zumba- its something to get you out of the mundane and meet new people.

2.. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If someone cuts you off in traffic or during a conversation or if you miss your train by a few seconds, channel your inner Elsa and let it go!  

3. Set aside 15 mins every day as your Me time however cheesy it sounds. An early morning cup of coffee by the window, listening to music or reading in the loo!

4. The grass is probably not greener on the other side.  Every one has their own pile of crap so don’t judge your life too harshly.

5. Exercise! It’s elevates your mood, clears your skin and tones you.  I hate the idea of exercise and going to a gym but if its nicely packaged and promoted, I love it! Examples of good packaging are hiking, yoga, barre, nature walks and window shopping.

6. Be grateful. You might be having a super bad day and feel that there’s nothing to be grateful for but think about all the little things you take for granted each day and be thankful for them.

7. Set up goals for yourself whether it’s a workout regime, work or home related projects. Working and striving towards your goal gives you an added sense of purpose and the closer you get to it, the happier you feel.

8. Do something nice for someone else. It doesn’t have to be a big donation to charity. A simple home cooked meal for a down in the dumps friend, waiting at the DMV with someone (nothing more unselfish than that!), volunteering at a soup kitchen or any of the organizations that are dear to you. Time is the most valuable thing you can give someone. And of course your shoulder.

9. Spoil yourself with something you’ve always wanted.  There’s a certain joy in saving up towards a new handbag, a scarf or a trip to Nice. Instant gratification is nice but delayed gratification is like slow melting chocolate.

10. Face one fear. Something you want to conquer. One of my fears was dancing, especially in public. I don’t mean the generic flailing of arms and legs in clubs; I wanted to be able to do a a nice dignified dance routine. I took Bachata classes for 3 months and although I was not great, I did not step on my partner’s toes and I have the confidence to dance in public ( if I have company 🙂 ).Hmmm, maybe flash mob dance?

11. De-clutter your room, your garage, your basement. My room usually looks like a twister went through it but I like to call it a disciplined mess. Still, I have to agree that on the days my room looks like its ready for royalty, it is  trés bien!

12. In the same vein , stop hoarding. If you haven’t worn an outfit or a pair of shoes for over a year. give it away! Someone else will benefit from them. Except, don’t give away your skinny benchmark jeans which you need for motivation.

13. Make sure you’re getting some much needed zzzzz’s. I am a borderline insomniac and spend hours tossing and turning counting down how many hours of sleep I will eventually end up having and whether I will sleep through my alarm. But on the days that I sleep well, I feel like a new person ready to take on the world!

14. If you’re a worrywart (which I am!) be pessimistically optimistic. Trust me, that helps!

15. Don’t over extend yourself. Sometimes we are over zealous in our efforts to please everyone and inevitably we end up disappointing both parties.

16. Ironic as it may seem since I’m writing here, spend a little less time online. Give your fingers a rest from social media and take a digital detox for a day. Start a challenge with your friends and see who lasts longest.

17. Of course I’m not going to forget about cake. Cake. Solves. Everything.

Enjoy your weekend!!




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