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Hello peeps! Its been a week since I got back from my vacation in India and the jet lag is just about catching up with me.  I’m slowly getting back to the grind and adjusting to the cool November weather. I had a crazy busy work week and I’ve also been on an emotional roller coaster since I got back coz I was really sad to leave my family and get back to reality. But I had a fabulous vacation so I’m focussing on planning the next one that and also it got me thinking  about what makes me the most happy when I’m home with my family.

A strong cup of coffee in the morning with the entertainment section of the newspaper. At home in India, there is an endless supply of coffee until noon so I am pretty wired the whole day!


2014-11-09 21.41.12


We have a tradition whenever I go to India for a holiday. Watch a movie in the theatre with whoever is in town when I visit.  My parents, brother, cousins, sis-in-law,aunts, nieces, nephews and friends. Sounds fun? Except the movie is always bad. When I say bad, I mean its one of those movies where  you’d rather eat your straw hat than sit through it. But we do. The whole thing started out innocently enough. The whole extended family would go for a movie together once a year. But the movie we picked out the  first time was bad. The second time around, it was really bad. One year, my cousin left 15 mins into the movie and said he couldn’t do this to himself and that he was losing 3 hours of his life. So it came to be known that whenever I was in town, the movies that played would suck or I world magically make them suck. But we go anyway every year religiously so we can laugh about it later. Also I think the cream doughnuts, butter popcorn, cold coffee and chicken curry puffs that they have at the theatre might have had something to do with it. Just saying.

I think about  all the mini moments in my life that make me happy. Those exact moments/instances almost never come around in the same manner again so its important to really enjoy them. It could be the time when my nieces laugh about something silly.Their laughter is so infectious that the whole house rocks with their joy. Or it could be the time when my eight year old nephew gives me a hug in the middle of watching a movie…just because he felt like it. I think though, my favorite moments are when the whole family gets together on rare occasions. Everyone  gathered at home -talking over each other, having parallel conversations, laughter ringing through the house and of course ordering in delicious food.

I think all these little things make up the big happy moments in my life and I had many of them when I was in India.

What  makes you happy?


One thought on “Life Lately….the little things

  1. Lots of thongs make me happy anju. In no articular order here goes….
    going for a run in the morning.
    drinking yummy filter coffee
    playing with my doggie coco
    chatting with my kids
    spending time with my awesome friends
    designing a new book
    i do have sad moments too but try and be positive and happy…:))


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