I am…..Thankful


Happy  Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a wonderful day with family and friends!

Thanksgiving was new to me when I first came to the US. At first, I used to enjoy the holiday because I didn’t have to go to school or work. But of late, this holiday is more of a ‘Friendsgiving‘. I am lucky be around friends and share laughs over wine and plenty of turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and pie!

Whether we celebrate Thanksgiving or not, I think it’s nice to take a moment every day to just be grateful and thankful for our blessings. One moment where we stop complaining and whining about all the things we don’t have in our life and instead focus on what we do have and the people in our life who make us smile. It’s not an easy thing to do but I do try consciously to remember to count my blessings.

I am thankful for everyone in my life- family, friends and workmates.

How was your day and what are you thankful for?



3 thoughts on “I am…..Thankful

  1. I think Thanksgiving is a lovely concept. As long as its not commercialised (which I know it is) it is a wonderful time for friends and family to get together. In India our exposure to Thanksgiving was from the show Friends> 🙂


    • Glad you had a good day Anju! Enjoy reading your blog. Thanksgiving equivalent for us would be Pongal/Sankranthi where we thank God for the bounty from the earth – letting a pot of new rice boil over. I’m thankful for the multiple traditions we get to enjoy. We lost power for the past 2 days and we just got it all back! Right now I’m feeling extremely thankful for electricity and the internet :).


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