Weekend Story: Movie and Kipling Holiday Party

Hello peeps! This past weekend was quite a fun one so I thought I’d share it with you.

The weather in New York is super duper cold so my friends I decided to spend Saturday afternoon watching  The Hunger Games movie- Mockingjay at Lincoln Theatre in New York. I love this theatre because it looks old world compared to a lot of the other theaters in the city and the interiors are dimly lit. There are paintings and movie posters of some of my favorite old movies.





There are a lot of negative reviews about Mockingjay. Anyone who has read the book knows the first half is building up to the final war so its bound to be focused on dialogue, less action among the main characters and angry glares from Katniss. The downer aside from a dressed down Effie is that you have to wait for the last part and by then you may have forgotten where you left off! Anyhow I enjoyed the movie except for this teenage kid who was sitting next to me decided to eat right through the movie. If he wasn’t crunch crunch on the popcorn, he was crackle crackle with his chocolate wrapper. Then it was pop, fizz, pop with his soda! But I guess this was way better than squealing girls in a Twilight movie.

After the movie, we went to Kipling’s Holiday Party in New York City. Kipling opened its first permanent store in the city on November 20th. We stopped by the holiday pop-up store in Soho where to celebrate their opening there were cookies and wine, fun stick-on holiday tattoos, photo booths, monogrammed notebooks and bags. Wait, did I mention this was free? Yay! They also had musical performances to keep their guests entertained. And just as we were leaving, we were given coupons to receive a free gift at the Macy’s store in Herald Square, New York. We were so surprised! Kipling really knows how to throw a cool partay! Thank you Kipling! This was also the first time I perused their website and they have a lot of really cool handbags and accessories which I’ll be checking out soon!



My Goodies!!!





All in all a good weekend, don’t you think? How was your weekend?